Trance Dance | Rhythm of the Earth

Sat. 12 Dec, 2020 at 2:00pm - Sun. 13 Dec, 2020 at 11:30am AEST
18 and Over
11 days away
Price: AUD $245.00
18 and Over
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11 days away
Price: AUD $245.00
18 and Over
Event Description

★ Ritual Trance Dance | Rhythm of the Earth
This is a Deep Immersion OVERNIGHT connection to SELF, LAND & SPIRIT.

Saturday 12th - 13th December ⭒

“The hero’s journey always begins with the call.
One way or another, a guide must come to say, 'Look, you’re in Sleepy Land.
Come on a trip. There is a whole aspect of your consciousness, your being, that’s not been touched.
So you’re at home here? Well, there’s not enough of you there.' And so it starts.”
- Joseph Campbell

Ritual Trance Dance is the call and l am the holder of this Ritual calling to you lovingly - Sohalia

If not now when ?

Nature is the Call .. the RHYTHM of the EARTH ..
There is an intention within you calling to be heard and met.
What would you like to release, where do you need more clarity in your life, what do you wish to embody and celebrate?

Sohalia Poppins of Dance Ground & Tracy McFie of Wyld Tribe
call you to the land at Wyld Stone and to the sacred home space for this deep dive offering & ecstatic immersion.

Is this journey personal, is it on behalf of another, a community, the world, the cosmos?
A Shamanic Drum Journey is calling you to come beloved, step into your inner world and meet this intention.
The Breath of Fire is calling to energise the intention and oxygenate your body with the echo of an almighty Om rippling through your senses and heralding to the land and spirit realm ..
"We Are Here"
This is the gateway and as the Om fades the music begins …

Our dominant sense of Sight is temporarily decommissioned with a blindfold to allow your other senses to activate and enliven. HERE your authentic dance and movement can emerge like the butterfly out of the Cocoon.

You enter into a waking dream of darkness, imagination and freedom to move any way you wish.

You will be awake and fully alive in each moment immersed in nature and evocative soundscapes.
Once we have danced our dance ,
the messy dance
the tender dance
the dance of liberation
the dance of sorrow
the dance of joy
the dance of awkwardness
the dance of constriction
the dance of anger
the dance of stillness

We are called to rest and integrate as crystal pyramids, gongs and chimes caress our energy field and we ground on the precious land connected to the rhythm of the Earth.

Time for conscious reflection with writing or art work before we reconnect as a group.
We will then share a vegetarian meal lovingly prepared before we sit under the stars and listen as our ancestors did to the sage and wisdom keeper, the story teller weaving myths from old that are timeless and still shape the human experience of life in this now.
Under a blanket of stars and close to earth we take rest and become the dreamers.

In the morning there will be movement, meditation and a sharing circle to complete the quest we begun the day before.
Time is a precious commodity and this offering is designed to carve out and support you receiving a deep drink from the well of magick and personal empowerment.

It will be both a time of Ritual, of focus balanced with relaxation, connection and play.
A gift for your heart, mind, body and soul.
A gift that you will take away with you as your wind your way back down the hills into normal life.

The intention is that you leave with a little more of the true you
AWAKE feeling nourished and nurtured.


Arrive 2pm
set up camp space and have a cuppa, walk the land, arrive into the space.
4pm - sharing of intentions and Drum Journey

Ritual Trance Dance ★

Integration | rest, journalling, art

Story Telling under the night skies
Movement & Meditation
Conscious Expression | writing
Sharing & Gratitude Circle

This is a ComUNITY event for both our Brothers & Sistas 18+ only

This is an overnight event so bring along your tent or swag as well as warm clothing and blankets.
If you don’t have a tent, the temple space can be made ready to roll out a swag.

Tent or swag
Warm clothing
Blindfold ✨
Water bottle
Yoga mat, cushion and blanket

Places are limited to 40 participants, with an exchange of $245 (including GST) + booking Fee.
Payment plans are available select as you purchase your ticket.

In order to keep the vibration and energy as high as possible, this is an alcohol and drug free event.
We are honoured to hold the space & offer you a homecoming to land & self.

Wyld Blessings,
Trace & Sohalia xXx



What is Ritual Trance Dance?
Ritual Trance Dance is a Neo-Shamanic Dance Ceremony like no other movement journey that was created by Frank Natale in the 1980s.

It is Contemporary in the sense that the music may be electronic and played through a sound system, however, the elements of Ritual Trance Dance link us to shamanic practices from most ancient cultures and time lines.

It is not necessarily an ecstatic dance though that may be your experience.

The gateway of Darkness [ blindfolded we dance]
Using Eclectic soundscapes that inspire and provoke
Active Breath Work [ Breath of Fire]
Dance/ Movement and
Conscious Intention
we align to shamanic and universal practices that then create health and well-being for us as individuals and as a collective.

It creates space and time to go deeply inwards to explore and discover aspects that may have been previously hidden. It can be an opportunity to release stored tension and stagnant energy that we gather in our overly busy and stressed lives. This can be expressed freely as no one is watching you, so you don’t have to filter or fear judgement.

There is Freedom to move any way you wish, responding to the sounds and your body in the Present moment. It is also a space to build resilience and trust in yourself and others, as blindfolded, you all take this journey together.

There can be liberation from the stories and experiences we have had around our bodies and how we express ourselves in movement and dance.
Before dance became relegated to performance and entertainment, every one danced, young and old. This is a space to remember and reclaim our birth right; to move [freely]

In Ritual Trance Dance, when you combine all the elements of the dance especially shutting down the dominant sense of sight an inner vision can be accessed leading to visionary states, heightened reception and downloads.
Wearing a bandana [blindfold] automatically alters your relationship to time and space.

Humans have always sought out novelty, higher states of being and expansion by seeking out non ordinary states of consciousness.

Ritual Trance dance provides that platform without the pitfalls associated with a “bad trip” from ingesting a substance to obtain these states. This is done is in a safely constructed space with a barrier around the room and a team of enhancers to prevent collisions

Its Simplicity is its POWER.

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$245.00 + $7.54 Fee
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WyldStone 295 Ridgeview Drive
Meelon, WA 6208
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