Flourish Early Bird (AUD $55.00)

All registrations include snacks and lunch (excluding Flourish Kids)

Terms & Conditions – these need to be added somewhere on the brochure (in really small font)
The Australian Taxation Office has ruled Flourish exempt from GST. No refunds will be given, however I may transfer my registration to another person providing I contact Door of Hope Christian Church and inform them of all changes. I am aware that DOHCC may collect information about me for the purpose of providing and offering promotional material. I consent to personal details being used to subscribe me to all Flourish related material and for the promotion of future DOHCC events and products, via post, phone, email and SMS. DOHCC reserves the right to use this material for promotion purposed (please contact DOHCC if you do not wish to receive promotions & material). DOHCC events will be captured in photographs, video and audio. I understand that every precaution will be taken to ensure the protection of myself. I also release DOHCC, staff and volunteers of liability in the event of any injury, accident of misfortune, damage or loss that may occur to myself and/or my property while in attendance at this event and within the event, premises and grounds. ABN: 91866280492