Herbal Tonics Package (AUD $33.00)

Celebrate life is a drug + alcohol free event, with a strong focus on natural herbal tonics for both medicinal + recreational benefits. Any natural medicines of the Earth are very welcomed + we will have many Herbal Elixir options available throughout the event to enhance your experience + assist with health benefits. Please show your pass to receive a wristband on arrival, and redeem your package at the amazing Awaken Alchemy Elixir bar.

Your daily package includes-
1 x herbal cocktail
1 x herbal elixir shot
1 x hot or cold medicinal brew (turmeric, matcha or cacao etc)

All our ingredients are high quality, organic, gf + df.

NOTE: Please BYO cup to use that is suitable to cold + hot temperatures, as there are no single use plastics at this event. With your help we will leave no trace. There will also be a wash station provided for you to wash your own utensils.