Payment Plan - Super early bird (FULL RETREAT PASS- 3 DAYS + 3 NIGHTS, LUNCH CATERING & CEREMONI (AUD $222.00)

MUSIC live over lunch + at the night-time festivities:

HERBAL ELIXIR CEREMONIES...Elixirs included for both night-time festivities where we take you on a transformational journey activating your inner Alchemy, along with performances, fire dancing + live music /djs.

NOURISHMENTS... Herbal elixir bar + food caterer for night time events. Organic lunch included in ticket for all days!

WORKSHOPS INCLUDED...Indigenous ceremonies + sharing of dreamtime stories, dances + spirit stretching, Creatrix body art, plant panel with Lila Lieberman, Breathwork, Yoga, Tantra heart, Sacred geometry + numerology, Herbal medicine, Chi gong, Calligraphy, Sacred sound, somasonic integration, Nature ninja, Orgonite + copper pyramids, Light language activations, tribal warrior dance, ecstatic movement, permaculture, meridian healings, rage club, spiral dynamic therapy, Ancestral diets, traditional farming practices + food systems

VISIONARY ARTISTS...incredible Visionary Artists in the Art gallery daily + live painting at night: Coedie Mccarthy, Kiro Kiredor, Maize177, Tony Stephens, Cam Michael, Ben Mccorquodale, Malindi Lovegrove-Lower, Celestial Serpent

OTHER ACTIVITIES + SPACES TO PLAY IN...Conscious kids space, Mizscribble games, Art Gallery Elixir bar, culture hub, local artisanal craft stalls, Lomi Lomi bodywork temple, Pyramid activation, gifting tree, 2 x workshop spaces, river to swim in, meditation treehouse, vegie patch + allocated areas for planting trees as a community. Going for a walk is a special treat at Celebrate as we have lots of places to explore or take time to integrate all that you have experienced. The land is very expansive + healing.

Celebrate Life Spring Equinox Gathering 2020 is a powerful drug + chemical free high-vibe gathering of tribe with the intention to connect with yourself, community + the land, journeying deep to collectively inspire new sustainable ways forward for the future generations to come!

We acknowledge our Ancestors + the Bundjalung lands we walk upon. We humbly show deep gratitude for all the waves of positive change that will come from the journey of Celebrate Life + we understand the importance of tribe gathering together without drugs + alcohol in a clear connected space to activate eachother, ourselves + the land. We accept our role + responsibility in paving the way for a sustainable future for younger generations to come.

Organic plant-based gf/df lunch prepared with love from 'Sacred Sense Catering' from Saturday 19th-Monday 21st September
A Herbal ceremonial Elixir for rituals at the night time festivities from Saturday 19th-Monday 21st September
Access to all daily workshops in Upper Mainarm at Coolamon Retreat + night-time festivities at Kohinur Hall
Live music, drumming circles, ecstatic dance djs + all ceremonies, rituals + much more...

This is a sustainable Bring your own plate, bowl, cup + cutlery event. Please be aware of your responsibility to leave a positive trace on the land. Please also remember to take your property home with you! There will be also be an awesome Kangen water station by Natasha Hain (9.5 ionised alchemised water) for refills by donation too.

Celebrate life is a chemical free event, with a strong focus on natural herbal tonics for both medicinal + recreational benefits. Natural medicines of the Earth are welcomed + we will have many Herbal Elixir options available throughout the event from 'Awaken Alchemy' conscious bar to enhance your experience + assist with health benefits. Including the herbal elixir ceremonies included in your ticket both nights. If you know of anyone wanting to transition + that is open to learning about plant based alternatives, please invite them!

Please call Maca's campground in Mainarm on 02 6684 5211 or visit the website Please walk or drive + park your car at funky forest (further details to be announced soon).

If you wish to stay closer to town, please book with Mullumbimby showgrounds online at- + quote You will need to arrange transportation via a carpool or if you have your own vehicle, please park your car at funky forest (further details to be announced soon).

Please park at 1320 Mainarm rd at funky forest & walk 800m up the road to the venue (1380 mainarm rd). Please DO NOT park on the side of the road or at the venue.
If you could please assist with carpooling that would be much appreciated to lower our impact on the land.
There are no camping facilities on the land or at funky forest.

We will release the themes for the night time festivities in our Facebook updates, we would love you to all get involved in bringing forth your most playful + celebratory creations, stay tuned for more information.

Please bring identification to match your ticket name + barcode with you to the event

Thankyou for showing up to be apart of the creation of Celebrate Life Spring Equinox Gathering 2020! It is an honour to celebrate life with you + we wish all the best to you on this exciting transformational journey. Please reach out if you have any questions + we are happy to navigate them for you.
Lots of love – The crew @ Celebrate Life Events x

Tickets to the Celebrate life Spring Equinox gathering 2020 are sold by Celebrate Life Events Pty Ltd, ABN 46 181 336 486. Purchase of tickets to this event constitute a contract between Celebrate Life Events Pty Ltd, the purchaser and, in the event that the ticket is purchased on another’s behalf, the ticketholder. Tickets are sold subject to the following terms and conditions, which form part of the contract between Celebrate Life Events Pty Ltd, the purchaser and the ticketholder.
The Terms and Conditions of Sale include the following:
1. Tickets will not be refunded under any circumstances. Please pay close attention to the quantity and price of tickets in your order. A mistake on the part of the purchaser, or a change in personal circumstances of the ticketholder will not entitle refund, return or exchange of the ticket. Each ticketholder is entitled to change the name of their ticket once and once only, by using the name change process available with Ticketbooth.
2. Chemical drug + alcohol substances, weapons, glass and other items listed as banned on this website are 100% prohibited. Persons found to be in breach of these rules may be refused entry and turned over to the Police.
3. All accommodation is to be managed by the ticketholder, there are no accommodation or camping options at the Celebrate Life Events venues. Please do not Camp at these venues as we do not have permission from the land owners. There are many suitable accommodation venues around the region to choose from, please see our suggested campgrounds.
4. No parking is available onsite, Patrons must not leave vehicles alongside any public road leading towards the venue. Vehicles identified to have been abandoned at the roadside by patrons or those seeking to trespass will be towed. Please ensure you use the courtesy shuttle bus between venues to keep our traffic on the roads to a minimum. Only cars will be able to be parked at Funky forest between the hours of 8am-12am throughout the event + Kohinur Hall for the night time festivities between 6pm Saturday 19th September, and must removed by 11pm Monday 21st September.
5. The event + accommodation is to be held in a quiet rural area and patrons must not cause a nuisance or disturbance in arriving at or departing the event. This includes littering.
6. Celebrate life gathering wristbands must be worn at all times around the wrist or ankle of the ticketholder when at the Celebrate Life Events venues.
7. Programming of the event is subject to change without notice, including the possible non-appearance of any particular person or group expected by the ticketholders, whether advertised or not, or any adverse weather conditions beyond the reasonable control of the event organiser.
8. Lost, stolen or damaged hardcopy tickets will not be replaced.
9. No animals will be permitted on site as the Celebrate Life Gathering Venue is a wildlife sanctuary
10. No fireworks, lasers, flares, candles may be brought onto site and a total fire ban (within the camping grounds) will be in operation.
11. Any patron engaging in unacceptable or anti-social behaviour may be ejected from the event and will not be permitted re-entry.
12. Tickets only provide access to the areas as indicated by signage at the event.
13. Entry to the Celebrate Life Gathering venue is only permitted to holders of valid tickets who agree to the terms and conditions of purchase, in addition to all relevant event information and guidelines viewable at Celebrate Life Events Pty Ltd reserves the right to evict any person who does not comply with the terms and conditions and/or does not comply with the festival rules and/or is involved in an illegal activity.
14. Celebrate Life Events Pty Ltd has the right to use any photos, film or other recordings taken of people or things whilst attending the festival for presentation, promotional or other Celebrate Life Events Pty Ltd purposes in perpetuity.
15. Audio visual equipment (including but not limited to cameras, video recorders, mobile phones and pagers) are permitted subject to the discretion of the venue. The Presenter reserves the right to remove a ticketholder if they are in breach of the requirements regarding audio visual equipment.
16. Patrons are encouraged to share transport. Transport to and from the Celebrate life gathering venue will be operated by independent parties. Celebrate Life Events Pty Ltd accepts no liability for any action or omission by such parties.
17. Celebrate life events Pty Ltd. takes no responsibility for loss or damage to personal property.
18. Ticketholders acknowledge that participating in an event at the Celebrate life gathering venue has inherent dangers (both known and unknown) and risks including a risk of serious injury or even death. In the event of injury or illness Celebrate Life Events Pty Ltd may, at the cost of the ticketholder, arrange medical treatment and/or emergency evacuation as deemed essential for the safety of the ticketholder.
19. Entry to the event venue is at the ticketholder’s own risk. Without limiting the generality of this, appropriate footwear and clothing must be worn at all times on the site and ear plugs should be worn if necessary and Celebrate Life Events Pty Ltd takes no responsibility for any hearing damage or loss caused by excessive noise.
20. To the full extent permitted by law, ticketholders waive all legal rights of action against and fully release Celebrate Life events Pty Ltd, its agents, employees, members and volunteers for all claims for compensation for loss, damage, injury or death howsoever arising out of or in relation to the ticketholder’s participation in the event including without limitation, liability for any negligent or tortious act or omission on the part of the persons released or under statute or for breach of these terms and conditions.
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